Saturday, January 28, 2012

UK: After Friday's Court Decision, Legalizing Assisted Suicide Can't Be Far Away

Here’s more on the astounding decision handed down Friday in the UK (see below) stating that lawyers for patients wishing to commit suicide can consult “experts” – including doctors – who might be willing to carry out assisted suicide or even euthanasia. Last year I thought that assisted suicide and even euthanasia would be a reality in the UK in 10 years – now I thinking more like a year or two.
Assisted suicide one step closer after High Court paves the way for doctors to help terminally-ill patients kill themselves
High court judges today took a step towards allowing doctors to help their desperately ill or dying patients to kill themselves.
They cleared the way for lawyers in a test case to look for medical  professionals who are prepared to help in the death of a stroke victim who  wishes to end his ‘intolerable’ life.
Lawyers for the patient – who is known only as ‘Martin’ – were also given  clearance to get information from the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland, where 150  Britons have gone to take their own lives. more

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