Thursday, January 5, 2012

Push Back To Falconer Commission Recommendations Begins

The push back against the UK’s Falconer Commission has begun in earnest.
Anti-euthanasia groups condemn Falconer Report
Anti-euthanasia groups have robustly rejected the calls for the legalisation of assisted suicide by the Commission on Assisted Dying that was chaired by Lord Falconer. In a 400-page report published today the commission, which has been severely criticised for its pro-assisted-dying bias by the British Medical Association among other respected medical, disability and religious groups and organisations, is asserting that the law should be changed to permit assisted suicide for patients who are terminally ill and have under a year to live.
The Falconer Report recommends that such patients should be allowed to request a lethal dose of drugs from their doctor which they would take themselves. ALERT, the anti-euthanasia group, Not Dead Yet UK, and Care Not Killing alliance strongly oppose the recommendations. more

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