Friday, January 13, 2012

UK Man: Falconer Assisted Suicide Recommendations Don't Go Far Enough

With all the debate around the Falconer Commission having gone too far in its recommendations, here’s a UK man who thinks the recommendations don’t go far enough.
Commission on Dying’s ‘not radical enough’ – Melksham man
A PARLYSED Melksham man who is campaigning for the right to end his life has expressed his disappointment with the recent report from the Commission on Assisted Dying.
In December 2010 Tony Nicklinson, 57, and his wife Jane gave evidence to the commission, which was funded by author Terry Pratchett and businessman Bernard Lewis.
Last week its 400- page report said the existing law on assisted suicide “is inadequate, incoherent and should not continue”.
However it recommended that only people with less than a year to live should be offered a choice to end their lives, which doesn’t apply in Mr Nicklinson’s case.
Mr Nicklinson suffers from ‘locked-in’ syndrome, following a stroke in 2005. more

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