Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Irish Pro-Death Spin On The Falconer Commission Recommendations

Here’s an Irish piece pretending to be balanced on the assisted suicide/euthanasia front. However, read it closely, and you’ll find that the logic is this: If we have assisted suicide/euthanasia for some, why can’t we have it for all? Pure pro-deather spin.
Proper debate on controversial issue is a matter of life and death
CONTRARY to popular belief, the right to die has been enshrined in Irish case law — but only for those who are physically incapable of voicing their desire to end their own lives.
This week’s recommendation of the UK’s Commission on Assisted Dying, that terminally ill adults should be allowed end their lives with the help of their doctor, has again raised the controversial issue of euthanasia. Having described the current UK law as "inadequate and incoherent", the commission’s year-long review concluded by recommending that those with less than a year to live should be allowed end their lives as long as some stringent guidelines — including, any lethal medication must be self-administered and two independent doctors must be satisfied with the terminal diagnosis — are adhered to. more

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