Sunday, January 8, 2012

UK: Pro-Death Poster People Coming Out Of The Woodwork

Yup, as I predicted, the pro-death poster people are coming out in force. Here a woman who was convinced that euthanasia should have been available for her dying father.
My beautiful father was a proud man, but when he died I said 'thank you': How a loving daughter changed her mind about euthanasia
When I flew back home to New Zealand last October I expected – or perhaps hoped – that my father John would already be dead.
He had been diagnosed 11 years previously with a cancer that had spread outside the  prostate. But after an operation, he defied the odds and had enjoyed remarkably good health until last April.
Then, aged 85, he crashed, rather than slid, towards death as the cancer returned to claim him with a vengeance. Yet it took him six slow and dreadful months to die. more

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