Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dutch Elderly Want Death Option Just Because They're Old

The drumbeat from the Dutch elder death lobby is growing, that they should be euthanized if they decide they have lived too long. It’s a very selfish proposition. However, those death-loving Dutch will be sure to agree and make it into law, trust me.
Right to choose
Around 4,000 Dutch senior citizens will be making an emotional appeal to politicians in The Hague on Tuesday; ‘if we're tired of living, allow us to end our lives. Even if we’re not suffering from an incurable disease, allow doctors to prescribe suicide medication’. 
At the end of January, the lower house of parliament will debate a controversial bill that expands existing euthanasia legislation.
"I'm 81 years old and still reasonably healthy. However, if I start to decline I want to be able to determine whether not I have treatment. Hospitals frequently mean having a lot of pain and suffering for only a few extra months of life, and I want to decide whether or not I have treatment. It is my life, after all." more

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