Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Earth To Sean Davison: Stop Playing The Whining Victim

Sean Davison, a New Zealander living in South Africa, returned to his native NZ to help his mom commit suicide. He got a slap on the wrist – home detention for a few months. He’s beginning to whine and make himself out as the victim. Poor Sean . . . not.
Davison maintains stand on euthanasia
Sean Davison self-consciously rubs his home-detention anklet, as he talks about his hopes for the new year.
"If I leave the property an alarm goes off. It's a bit degrading and it's terribly frustrating, but it's better than being in jail," he laments.
The South Africa-based scientist was convicted in October of aiding the death of his terminally-ill mother, Dunedin doctor Patricia Elizabeth Davison (then 85), in a cause celebre which ignited debate on voluntary euthanasia.
Davison was charged with attempted murder after he wrote a book, Before We Say Goodbye, mentioning how he administered morphine to his mother before she died of cancer in Dunedin on October 24, 2006. more

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