Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Violence Never A Way To Solve Assisted Suicide Issues

Interesting – Sean Davison, the man who traveled to NZ to help kill his mother is now labeled a “euthanasia law-reform advocate.” Anyway, seems like some other New Zealanders are unhappy that he’s got a slap on the wrist from the authorities. I don’t approve of throwing bricks through windows as a form of protest, but this does illustrate that feeling on the issue of assisted suicide run deep on both side.
Davison unfazed by death threats
Euthanasia law-reform activist Sean Davison is shaken but unfazed despite death threats and an attack on his Dunedin residence over the weekend.
A brick, with a note attached, was thrown through the window of his Kaikorai address at 11.05pm on Friday, landing 4m across the living room floor. The note said: "Leave Gods [sic] laws or be struck down dead".
"It gave me a huge fright. There was glass everywhere ... I went outside, but it was too late. Whoever did it had run away," Davison said yesterday. more

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