Thursday, January 5, 2012

UK: Has The Slippery Slope To Death On Demand Begun?

Here’s a piece that will undoubtedly be the beginning of the slippery slope to death on demand in the UK. The Falconer report suggests that terminally ill people in the late stages of their disease be allowed assisted suicide. Remember this. I predict that this time next year there will be many people calling for the expansion of medicalized killing.
Allow assisted suicide for those with less than a year to live
The independent Commission on Assisted Dying, whose members include several prominent peers and medics, wants GPs to be able to prescribe lethal doses of medication for dying people to take themselves.
The report, published today, calls for the “inadequate and incoherent” law against assisted suicide to be scrapped following a series of high profile cases where patients have used the Dignitas suicide clinic to take their own lives. more

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