Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sean Davison's Sister Doesn't Agree With How He Helped Kill Their Mother

Sean Davison is the guy who flew from his home in South Africa to help kill his mother in his native New Zealand. He got a slap on the wrist and has been whining ever since. Here’s a report that at least his sister didn’t approve. Good for her!!
Son's mercy killing splits family
The blue mortar and pestle had gathered dust on his mum's Welsh dresser, before he used it to crush a dozen morphine pills in her kitchen. The powdered drugs dyed the water murky brown in the glass he held to her lips. She smiled gently after drinking, holding his hand.
''You are wonderful son,'' she said. But Sean Davison's decision to help his mother die exposed a fault line that has since divided his family - and sparked claims his sister in Melbourne betrayed him to police.
Last November, New Zealand's High Court sentenced Davison - who the judge described as an ''exceptionally devoted and loving son'' - to five months' home detention for ''counselling and procuring'' his mother's suicide. He spoke last week from his three-bedroom, quarter-acre confines about the death that has come to define his life. more

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