Thursday, January 5, 2012

UK: Proposed Assisted Suicide "Safeguards" Are Useless

Here’s a piece to chuckle over – an attempt to reassure the public that the Falconer Commission’s recommendations are carefully controlled and with strict safeguards. What a hoot. It’s obvious to almost everyone that these guidelines are not feasible, thereby leading to the inevitable broadening of these guidelines, which is what the pro-deathers want.
Assisted suicide proposals: Q &A
What is the Commission on Assisted Dying?
It is an independent group funded by the right-to-die campaigner Sir Terry Pratchett and run by the left-leaning think-tank Demos.
Why was it set up?
Recent attempts to legalise assisted dying in Parliament have failed and it remains a crime under the 1961 Suicide Act to help another person end their life.
But guidelines published by the Director of Public Prosecutions in 2010 made it clear that cases will not be brought if they were motivated by compassion, while the number of Britons choosing to end their lives at “suicide clinics” such as Dignitas in Switzerland has risen in recent years. So campaigners think a change is needed. more

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