Monday, January 9, 2012

Horror Story: UK Doctor Sees Medicalized Killing As Just Peachy

UK elderly beware! Read this “glowing” report of medicalized murder by the doctor who wrote the piece. Arrogant and cold – all trying to look like “peace and light.” These are the monsters that roam the halls of NHS hospitals.
'Nurses helped my Gran to die'
Nurses withdrew my Gran's medication - but don't call the police.
A few months ago, my Gran died. She had terminal cancer, so it was expected. She slipped away quietly in a side room on a medical ward of a provincial teaching hospital, with my sister and me holding her hand and talking to her gently. It was a delicate, humane and peaceful end. On her death certificate, it says she died of septic shock, pneumonia and metastatic lung cancer. But that’s not what killed her. She was killed by a nurse. more

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