Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scotland: Mad Margo At It Again To Legalize Assisted Suicide

Margo MacDonald is the Energizer Bunny of the Scottish pro-death movement. Over the last several years she has repeatedly tried to introduce legislation to make assisted sucide legal. So far, she’s failed, but she’s back, hard at it again. Whether she will succeed or not is something time will tell. However, remember that good ol’ Margo has more nefarious aims to come: She’s often said that assisted suicide should be available for children.
'This question will not go away' — Margo MacDonald launches new bid to legalise assisted suicide
On Tuesday, veteran politician Margo MacDonald launched a consultation on a fresh Bill to legalise assisted suicide.
The move, which follows a similar attempt in 2010, would involve a trained ''licensed facilitator'' — a so-called ''friend at the end'' — being present when someone is ending their own life.
Ms MacDonald has suggested the role could be carried out by someone like a minister or close friend, but not a relative or someone who stood to gain from the death. more

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