Monday, January 9, 2012

Impassioned UK Plea For Life Will Likely Be Ignored

Here’s an impassioned plea to stop te slippery slope that grows steeper in the UK every day. I suspect t will fall on very deaf ears. Prediction” Assisted suicide (and perhans euthanasia) will be legal in the UK in the next two years.
Michael Nazir-Ali: Let us care for the ill and vulnerable – not help them to die
Time and again, Parliament has refused to relax the law on assisted suicide.  Having failed there, attempts were made to get around the law by persuading the Director of Public Prosecution to revise guidelines about who might be prosecuted for helping a relative or a friend to end their life.  A relentless campaign has been kept up in the media in spite of the thinness of the medical, legal and moral arguments which are regularly brought up in support of changing the law.  The refusal of professional bodies to endorse this agenda has also not deterred the enthusiasts for legalising assisted dying. Now we have an "independent" commission, reported to have been packed with supporters of euthanasia and funded by people like Terry Pratchett, known to be advocates of changing the law in this area. more

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