Sunday, January 15, 2012

Now Some US Elderly Taking Up Pro-Death Agenda

Well, yes, they keep on coming out of the woodwork – elderly people who think assisted suicide and euthanasia should be a “right.” Uh-huh.
King: Death with dignity should be a right
This is the year I turn 80. I've written hundreds of columns for this paper, but this could "push the envelope" and may upset many people.
Here it is: If we are a free people living in a free country, we should have the right to die at a time and in the manner of our own choosing; but for all our many freedoms and civil rights, Americans cannot say, "This is enough. I'm ready to go."
Suicide is an ugly word, but as long as an individual does not have a legal right to end his life when and how he wants, regret, grief, even guilt will accompany every passing. more

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