Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Myth of "Safeguards" For Legalized Assisted Suicides

Here’s a prodeather piece from the UK assuring us that “safeguards” will mean legalized assisted suicide would not be abused. Yeah, right. Even Lord Falconer admits that no safeguards can ever completely rule out abuse. The safeguards issue is blurted out at every opportunity by the prodeathers, knowing full well that they are lying.
'Assisted dying would provide dignity in death'
Palliative care, no matter how good, isn’t always enough to allay the indignity and loss of control that people with terminal illness experience, says Baroness Young.
Last week the Commission on Assisted Dying published its recommendations, highlighting that the current legal status of assisted dying is incoherent and inadequate. The current informal rules are at the discretion of the director of public prosecution, assistance to suicide is left in the hands of amateurs or paid strangers in a foreign country, and caring and compassionate friends and relatives are thrust into the role of suspects. more

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