Friday, November 4, 2011

New Zealand: Davison Might Get No Jail Time In "Assisted Suicide" Case

Well, no shocker here. In the NZ Davison "assisted suicide" case Davison may get even a smaller slap on the wrist than I thought - no jail time. Ugh.
Charge dropped against euthanasia campaigner
Wellington - A professor who has campaigned for the public discussion of voluntary euthanasia and stood accused of attempting to murder his terminally ill 85-year-old mother pleaded guilty to a lesser charge on Wednesday, news reports said.
Sean Davison, 50, a New Zealander who lives and works in South Africa, had earlier pleaded not guilty to attempting to kill his mother, Patricia, who was a doctor and psychiatrist, by giving her morphine in Dunedin in 2006. more

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