Tuesday, January 3, 2012

UK: Lord Falconer Pushes His Death-Approving Commission's Findings

The debate around the Falconer Commissions report that assisted suicide be legalized “with safeguards” is starting to heat up. Lord Falconer, head of the committee, has come out today to strongly support his commission’s findings.
Lord Falconer: assisted suicide law fails to protect or punish
Vulnerable people who want to end their lives are being let down by a system that offers them no protection while leaving their relatives at risk of prosecution, Lord Falconer warns today as he prepares to publish an important new report on the case for changing the law on assisted dying.
The peer and barrister, who served as Tony Blair’s Lord Chancellor, writes in The Daily Telegraph that the rarely used law against aiding suicide only favours those terminally ill people with the money and support to see their final wishes carried out.
Meanwhile others are being forced to take their lives early rather than facing the worry of their loved ones being arrested for helping them if they became incapable. more

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