Thursday, January 5, 2012

Good Response To Falconer Commission's Propaganda

Here’s an excellent piece opposing the Falconer Commission’s report (released today) on assisted suicide.
The relentless drive towards euthanasia
A friend phoned me yesterday. We discussed the Independent Commission on Assisted Dying, due to publish its report this Thursday and which is expected to argue that those who encourage or assist another to die will no longer be threatened with prosecution in certain cases. “It will happen”, my friend said ominously: “There are too many old people in this country and we can’t afford to keep them alive.”
I will like to say she is wrong – but I fear she is right. On Monday Lord Falconer, former Lord Chancellor, wrote an article in the Daily Telegraph which the phrase “weasel words” do not begin to describe. Given the sonorous title “A duty of care to our last days on Earth”, one might assume from this alone that it meant care of the dying until natural death. Not a bit of it. Lord Falconer has been a prime mover behind the idea of assisted suicide and it has nothing to do with a true “duty of care”. more

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