Tuesday, January 3, 2012

UK: Pro-Deathers At Full Tilt Ahead Of Official Release Of The Falconer Commission

Well, the Brit PM may well be under pressure from the pro-deathers to legislate the findings of the Falconer Commission. However, it would serve us all well to be reminded that the Falconer Commission was stacked with pro-deathers from top to bottom – hardly then, a surprise at the pro-death findings of said commission.
David Cameron faces new pressure to end ban on assisted suicide
Helping the terminally ill to end their lives should be made legal, a report is expected to recommend this week.
The Independent Commission on Assisted Dying is set to call for it to be legalised for a limited category of people with fatal diseases, and to be strictly monitored.
The commission, chaired by the former Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer, is expected to criticise the legal framework which means that relatives face prosecution and even imprisonment for helping loved ones to commit suicide.
It will suggest that those who encourage or assist another to die should no longer be threatened with prosecution in certain cases.
There must also be strict procedures to ensure that terminally ill people are made fully aware of the palliative and social care available to them. more

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