Tuesday, January 3, 2012

UK: Pro-Deathers In Full Support Of Legalizing Assisted Suicide

The full-court press is on to accept the recommendations of the Falconer Commission - to make it easier (and legal) to assist in a suicide. Prediction: Pieces like this one, so biased for the pro-deathers that it leaves on gasping, will become common over the next few weeks.
Ian Blair: Assisted dying needs a change of heart
Efforts to bring the perpetrator to justice are a natural corollary of the commission of crime. If someone steals from a newsagent, we assume the thief will be investigated and face the courts, perhaps to receive a sentence of community service or more; if a drunk-driver kills a pedestrian, that driver's actions will be investigated and perhaps deserve a prison sentence. But what if the case involves acting illegally but out of love and compassion: what if the law has not kept pace with modern life and modern science?
This is the case with the law regarding assisted dying – and it was the aim of the Commission on Assisted Dying, which reports this week, to investigate the current law on this subject and ask whether it needs to be changed. It does. more

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